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(Srpski) Život


Life’s like swimming: long, endless, exhausting swimming. At the end we get exhausted and – drawn. Staying fit is of utmost importance.


Life’s too short to have scruples.


Life’s deadly.


Life should be understood as a lottery game – with unhappy ending.


Life’s what’s happening to us while we make plans.


Life has a serious deficiency – absence of an objective criteria. Then the bad things wouldn’t happen to a good people.

The Future

How the World would look like in not-so-distant future? Something like this: Human kind would consist of only couple of milions of richest people. Everything will be performed by machines/computer. The rest of population would perish, since they’ll become obsolete. Survivors would play Monopoly day and night, in order to take capital from others. It […]


Life as a viral infection, a stage in planet’s development: our future is Mars – dead and barren.


Animals are not as persistent as humans, to their demise. It could be said that they are “cool”, unlike humans. Among humans, Americans are most persistent.