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A truly happy social life is possible on in ideologies. Take USSR, USA, China, 3rd Reich, Ancient Rome as examples. Man needs certainty, in any form or shape.


When one reaches 40, s/he starts writing bitter aphorisms.


Stars are dying, too, not just people.


Sooner or later, everybody loses life’s thread. For me it started around 35.


As we grow older (and running out of answers and time), religion looks better and better. It doesn’t offer answers, but it does offer consolation.

Marx was right

Marx wrote, some 150 years ago that “capitalism, if it wants to be sustainable, has to penetrate to each corner of our planet and submit it to its way of operating. When, at the end, capitalism penetrates all the markets (e.g. becomes global), it will start lacking a space for expansion (and exploitation, op.ed.) and […]


Like TV, radio, and other, older, media, Intenet also became e device of mass deception.

Our turn

At first we had to listen to elders, and now already to youngsters, as well: whatever happened with our turn?


The only way to stroll trough life unscaved is to become insensitive bastard.


As we get older, body’s functioning is switching from automatic to manual.