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(Srpski) Povratak u budućnost

Biti rodjen u socijalizmu, a biti primoran ziveti u kapitalizmu…


Social networks give to us just a semblance of living in society.


The switch from capitalism to socialism was so-so.  The opposite switch is not going that well,  either.

Human nature

It’s surprising that socialism failed, it had all the pre-requirements to succeed: workers in charge, manufacturing without profit (they could sell for less and be very competitive), etc. It’s seems that the problem is in human nature.


I’d rather live in dictatorship, if everything is provided (education, social security…), than in democracy, where, regardless of the effort, nothing is guaranteed.. (Nikola, 03/24/2011, 16:22) Comment on news item on site


People of Eastern Europe (former communist countries), have difficulties adjusting to capitalism, mainly because of the lack of an absolute social criteria.

Editors wanted

Considering all the platforms for self’-publishing these days (social networks, blogs, forums, etc), it seems that most people don’t have much to add to the conversation. Internet is in dire need for editors.


Proletarians exist only in capitalism: in socialism, they were the ruling class.


In socialism, we lived like a rich people, in capitalism – like proletarians.


Socialism we survived: surviving capitalism, however,  is going to a whole lot harder.