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(Srpski) Strah


Life’s deadly.


Death as a great, final equalizer.


We should not fear death: so many died already, and nobody complained!


I don’t fear death, but dying.


Death as ultimate recycling.

(Srpski) In Memoriam: Momo Kapor “Pohvala novinarima”

(Srpski) Nagrađen najneobičniji naslov

What are we?

L.A.Feuerbach said that we are what we eat. G.W.F.Hegel said that we are what we think. I, however, say that we are all mortal. You decide who’s most correct here.

Sweet death

S. Prokofiev’s grandfather, according to legend, died at 97 by falling from the ladder that he used to visits his mistress. What a sweet death!