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Some people are brought up too decently to have a good sex.


Humans will dissapear from the face of the Earth the moment that they entirely forget that sex is meant for procreation, not for fun. We are very close to that.


Only sex sells itself, everything else needs advertising.

Gay people

Gay as a people: well, they can f**k themselves!

Social climate

Homosexuality among animals could be observed only when they find themselves, for longer period of time, in some unnatural situations (lack of females, prolonged isolation, etc). The fact that US have the biggest percentage of homosexuals (among developed countries) is saying a lot about its social climate.


If you haven’t had sex for a while, you’ll become a virgin again.


When creating animal species, God granted them sexuality to ensure continuation of his work. No even he could have imagined how greatly humans are going to abuse this gift.


From outside, US looks as colorful, seductive, fun, and sexy. From inside – gray, boring, asexual. You’d have to live in it in order to know this.


If the best quality of your personality is that that you’re gay, then you aren’t a very accomplished person.

Rich sexual life

If I count in masturbation, as well, the fact is that I have a very rich sexual life.