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Till 35 one’s preparing for life, and after one’s wondering where it is gone.


How nice is to live without responsibility towards other human beings!


When I was kid, my biggest literary influence were comic books (those cheap ones: Marvel, super heroes, etc). I think that I even learned to read by reading those. And they say that comics are trivial!

Sweet death

S. Prokofiev’s grandfather, according to legend, died at 97 by falling from the ladder that he used to visits his mistress. What a sweet death!


Entire human existence, according to one theory, can be explained by the need to restore a balance: if we’re hungry, we eat, if we’re thirsty, we drink, etc. However, what motivates us, what puts us in motion, is imbalance. Once we acquire a temporary balance, we become complacent, inactive. That’s why all religious descriptions of […]


Unreserved love for someone/something is always the sure sign of inferiority complex, since it’s seeking to immerse ourselves into something other than ourselves.


Americans, as a nation, lack any transparency. Most people here are so set in their ways, it’s horrifying. Without flexibility and self-reflection there’s no true individuality.


Altruism (“Love thy neighbor!”) is a sure proof of weak-mindedness or idealism.


“You’re a big illusion, you golden bird!”, said Meša Selimović, alluding to a temporal nature of life. If we compare life with a bird, of any kind, then I’m becoming, without particular affinity for those creatures, a bit disappointed in life.


According to wide-adopted belief, only humans can talk. To this day I’m not certain what was in God’s mind when he granted it to humans.