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(Srpski) Internet

Thanks to Internet, it never was simpler – and more useless – to learn something….

(Srpski) In Memoriam: Momo Kapor “Pohvala novinarima”


There are things that we do daily, periodically, yearly, once in lifetime, and – never.

Personal faith

Formal religion was always on my blind side: most of this is due to my communist-atheist upbringing, and also to the fact that there aren’t any proofs to whatever religions are talking about. However, I always believed that human spirit is limited, that the human progress is happening within pre-defined boundaries, and thus there are […]

No time

Upon my arrival in US, I was working for certain company, while failling to acquire a single friend. I started worrying about that, even considering that something is wrong with my social skills. Later, I’ve realized why is that: people here work so much that they don’t have a time for their immediate families, let […]


If it wasn’t for my alarm clock (the loudest I could find), I doubt that I’d ever wake up again.


If M. Proust had a computer, he’d still be writing “In Search of Lost Time”, book No. 24765.


Contemplating trivial ideas, things, facts, etc. gives you a peace of mind based upon the fact that those would never be used for a bad cause.

Patience & persistence

Patience and persistence were never high on my list of desirable virtues. By getting older, I’ve moved them on top of the list.


I always thougth that all human talens have the root in the same core. I never could understand intelectuals with a deaf aer, or no sense of humor.