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(Srpski) Nesebičnost

(Srpski) Mišići


Today’s youth don’t waste their time on TV: they do it on Internet.


Youth is that part of our lives when we could look in a mirror without horror.

(Srpski) Fejs

(Srpski) In Memoriam: Momo Kapor “Pohvala novinarima”


When you’re young, you want to change the World. When older, all you want is that the World leave you alone.

Optical illusion

While young, we tend to think that life is endless and full of opportunities. It takes getting old to realize how big of an illusion that is.


When I was younger, I was writing poetry (like all other sensitive souls on this planet). Needless to say, I wasn’t much as a poet. But, that wasn’t the reason I stopped writing poetry: the real reason is that I’ve realized that I wasn’t going to intentionally limit the room for my thoughts, by putting […]


Birthday celebrations are either for very young or very old. In first case they are joy, in second – success.