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There should be a few disclaimers, at the beginning of each movie, so people don’t waste time trying to watch it. Something like this: In this movie: Nobody dies, either by natural or other cause There’s no meaningless car – or other vehicles – chases, 15-mins long, with only purpose to fill up time There’s […]

One time too many

I had a rule to let people betray me three times before I write them off. Now I think that once is one time too many.


Ideas are like people: some are good and benevolent, but others are bad and evil to their cores. It mostly depends on who the authors are.

I love children

Despite the fact that I love children – especially others’ children – I’ve always resented the idea of having children of my own. How to explain to that new, pure and naive being why it is conceived? Also, having children revokes our individuality.


When I was kid, my biggest literary influence were comic books (those cheap ones: Marvel, super heroes, etc). I think that I even learned to read by reading those. And they say that comics are trivial!


If it wasn’t for my alarm clock (the loudest I could find), I doubt that I’d ever wake up again.


I’ve read somewhere that there are researches in US on artificial prolonging of human lives, thus conquering phenomenon of death. Aside the fact that the whole concept is impossible, highly unnatural and immoral, one shouldn’t be surprised a bit: there are other highly unnatural and immoral things that came from US before.

I hate dentists!

M. Houellebecq says in “Whatever”: “In general I hate dentists; I take them to be exceedingly venal creatures whole only goal in life is to wrench out the most teenth possible and buy themselves a Mercedes with a sun-roof.”


Regardless of the fact that I’m spitting on US left and right, I still think that the main things in development of human civilization will happen here. Why do you think I’m still here? “After-the-fact” wisdom is always justifying.

The only way

In order to write, H. De Balzac locked himself up in his study for months at a time, till he finished whatever he wanted to write. There’s no other way.