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(Srpski) Idealizam


Marx was right, capitalism is evil. We develop an automatic system that controls us.

(Srpski) Povratak u budućnost

Biti rodjen u socijalizmu, a biti primoran ziveti u kapitalizmu…

(Srpski) Sebičnost

Kapitalizam nas uci sebicnosti…


Not seeing forest from the trees – the best definition of life in capitalism.


Our phones are getting smarter, while we’re getting stupider.  Yet another paradox of capitalism! – Comment on


One word describes capitalism the best: relentlessness.


The essence of capitalism is that the certain individuals take everything for themselves, and then trying to convince the rest of us that this is how it should be. If they aren’t able to convince us, they resort to pepper spay, buttons, water guns, police, etc…


By switching to capitalism, Eastern Europe acquired some new categories of people that it didn’t have before – homeless, beggars, bandits, hungry workers, etc.


I wouldn’t want to be a capitalist in Balkans: people will remember, and then they’re are finished!