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(Srpski) Internet

Thanks to Internet, it never was simpler – and more useless – to learn something….


Today’s youth don’t waste their time on TV: they do it on Internet.


Like TV, radio, and other, older, media, Intenet also became e device of mass deception.


On Internet, like in capitalism, there’s only appearance of democracy.

Editors wanted

Considering all the platforms for self’-publishing these days (social networks, blogs, forums, etc), it seems that most people don’t have much to add to the conversation. Internet is in dire need for editors.


Facebook as an replacement for Internet, love, friends, private life, everything…


Last night I was 15 mins without Internet/TV (cable went off). Tnx God for the phone!


Web is a living proof of humans’ vanity. Everybody is publishing, everybody wants to be a center of attention. Censorship should be reinstated.

(Srpski) In Memoriam: Momo Kapor “Pohvala novinarima”

(Srpski) Internet špijuni