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I was watching a political panel on TV today: Briton and American are attacking NATO, while Polish is defending it! What a nonsense!


What I’m sad about is that when America catches a cold, the developing world catches pneumonia. – Rick Steves


Animals are not as persistent as humans, to their demise. It could be said that they are “cool”, unlike humans. Among humans, Americans are most persistent.


Certainly you saw Independence Day? Here’s a quote from it, by U.S. President, talking about aliens:  “They’re like locusts. They’re moving from planet to planet… their whole civilization. After they’ve consumed every natural resource they move on…”. Now, replace aliens with Americans, galaxy by planet Earth… and you’ll get current geo-political situation on our planet.

Real Americans

If you want to meet real Americans, go to AA meeting.

Social climate

Homosexuality among animals could be observed only when they find themselves, for longer period of time, in some unnatural situations (lack of females, prolonged isolation, etc). The fact that US have the biggest percentage of homosexuals (among developed countries) is saying a lot about its social climate.

No time

Upon my arrival in US, I was working for certain company, while failling to acquire a single friend. I started worrying about that, even considering that something is wrong with my social skills. Later, I’ve realized why is that: people here work so much that they don’t have a time for their immediate families, let […]

Missed opportunities

If Germans were smarter, they would cooperate with Jews, instead of killing them, and then they would become Americans. If Russians were smarter, they wouldn’t stop at Berlin, and they’d become Americans. The question is: what would become of Americans, then?

Lack of an alternative

If all first-generation immigrants were to return to their respective countries of origin, US would economically collapse immediately. What keeps them in here is lack of an alternative.


Americans, as a nation, lack any transparency. Most people here are so set in their ways, it’s horrifying. Without flexibility and self-reflection there’s no true individuality.