(Srpski) Nema početka, nema kraja. Sve što postoji je beskrajna tranformacija.


People are very inclined to invent things, only to become enslaved by them later (e.g. money, God, corporations, etc). Such fools!!

Getting old

(Srpski) Što sam stariji, sve sam manji altruista, a sve veći mizantrop!


God, if exists, is a big misanthrope.


(Srpski) Astronomija? Previše Fotošopa, premalo činjenica.

Everything counts

If in life we only count victories, and dismiss defeats, we’re not going to learn much and will never become fully developed human beings.


We cannot blindly trust in human honesty, fairness.  They should be DRIVEN to honesty, which should be a prerogative of any social system. It’s also a biggest failing of capitalism, the lack of that drive.


Human personality exist only in relation with other people: without them it is – nothing.


Life, once you realize you can’t get out of it alive, becomes extremely depressing.


Like so many other human inventions before it, Internet carried so much promise at the beginning. Then, people with money got interested…