Every idea, sooner or later, becomes misconception.


What if we are AI?


Let’s see: what else, other than religion, didn’t change in past couple of thousand years?!

Way out

If you’re on top, the only way out is – down (realized that getting down from a top floor of a building).


Talking about science fiction: Happy Easter! 🙂


Our parents’ generation, living in Eastern Block, was listening to VOA in order to get uncensored news. Their children, living in the West, are doing the same, watching RT and other sources.

Mission Imposible

It’s impossible to convince irrational people with arguments.


Think of a job as something that you’d like to do if you didn’t have to work. – Warren Buffet


One of the best human characteristics is – adaptability. At the same time, that’s one our worst characteristics, as well. – Eric Snowden


If we agree that most corporations are run as dictatorships and that most of us work for one such corp. – how come that a set of such dictatorships is called democracy?!