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I’ve read somewhere that for London 2012 they provided some 150,000 condoms. Olympics or Roman orgies, that’s the question?


Some people are brought up too decently to have a good sex.


If someone marrries same person twice, should should they count that  as one or as two marriages?


How to earn woman’s respect? F**k her!


Only sex sells itself, everything else needs advertising.

Dating concept

Instead of one full-time, one should have several, part-time, relationships. It works best as weekly schedule.


The only way you can find 40-somethings sexy is if you are over 70.


God, do I look as repugnant to younger women as my female peers look to me?

So nice!

The girl (I thought) that I was dating recently, admitted that in a meantime she was fucking the other man! And I was being so nice, haven’t even touched her! Being nice is sooooooo overrated!


Till certain age (25, aproximately), men are growing up, and after that – sideways, in all directions.