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The only source of freedom for modern humans is in their thoughts. Don’t let AI ruin that…


Political correctness ultimately leads to a lobotomized society.


A thought is fleeting, it’s trying to escape. Even if you succeed in catching it, it’s not the same thought that you were looking for earlier. That’s why any notion of coherence in our thought process is absurd.


VR, AR, etc. Looks like distorted reality to me.


States, in their development, went through many phases – feudal, socialist, capitalist, monarchy, republic, etc. Finally, they reached the last stage of their development – corrupted state.


Every idea, sooner or later, becomes misconception.


What if we are AI?


Let’s see: what else, other than religion, didn’t change in past couple of thousand years?!

Way out

If you’re on top, the only way out is – down (realized that getting down from a top floor of a building).

Mission Imposible

It’s impossible to convince irrational people with arguments.