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(Srpski) Zanimljivo da se nekadašnji nadobudni intelektulci sve više okreću Bogu, što su stariji.


If a musician can’t stand up for one hr, maybe it’s time to think about career change.

Growing old

When of all trousers you can tolerate only those with elastic band…


As we get older, we have less and less original ideas. Experience destroys originality.


When one reaches 40, s/he starts writing bitter aphorisms.


Everything has an expiration date. It’s hard to accept that.


Life’s like swimming: long, endless, exhausting swimming. At the end we get exhausted and – drawn. Staying fit is of utmost importance.


As we grow older (and running out of answers and time), religion looks better and better. It doesn’t offer answers, but it does offer consolation.


Youth is that part of our lives when we could look in a mirror without horror.

Our turn

At first we had to listen to elders, and now already to youngsters, as well: whatever happened with our turn?