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We cannot blindly trust in human honesty, fairness.  They should be DRIVEN to honesty, which should be a prerogative of any social system. It’s also a biggest failing of capitalism, the lack of that drive.


Being born and brought up in socialism, and then being constrained to life in capitalism.

(Srpski) Elephant in the room

In capitalism, it seems that nobody notices the elephant in the room: that the people are disregarded, and the society is built around fulfilling selfish individual interests. Instead, we were dealing with consequences.


In some respect, the animal kingdom is far more humane than corporate capitalism. Animals don’t hunt when they’re full, unlike corporations.


Marx was right, capitalism is evil. We develop an automatic system that controls us.

(Srpski) Sebičnost

Kapitalizam nas uci sebicnosti…

Western Splendor

Eastern European countries were lured in by the “splendor” of the West, having to pay for it by the loss of natural resources, people, sovereignty, territory … They did not realize that the “splendor” is deceptive and that it is designed just for that purpose.


In socialism, we were brought up for lofty goals: all that capitalism offers are banalities and trivia.


The price of living in capitalism is giving up on idea of personal dignity and accepting the fact that those with more money are always in right, and you are just a disposable hired labor. Accept this simple fact and you”ll be happy. How simple!

Petty bourgeoisie

Capitalism is for the petty bourgeoisie.