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Everything counts

If in life we only count victories, and dismiss defeats, we’re not going to learn much and will never become fully developed human beings.


If a musician can’t stand up for one hr, maybe it’s time to think about career change.

(Srpski) Baksuz

(Srpski) Biti baksuz: imate četiri (preostala) zuba u glavi, i jedan od njih vas boli!


Procrastination is not gonna get you more time or to get you out of doing things that you have to do – to the opposite, it’s going to rob you of time that you could’ve used to do something else.

(Srpski) Establišment


Nothing’s wrong with making some money while doing things; everything is wrong with making it the only purpose of your activity.


Yapping endlessly is not the same as constructive speech…


How to finish a big job? Piece by piece…

Forever young

Оnly those who never grow up can say that they had a life worth living.

(Srpski) Eksperiment