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Without me, the World doesn’t exist.


(Srpski) Mnogi bi, uključujući i mene, postali vegerarijanci, kad bi sami morali da ubijaju životinje.

Getting old

(Srpski) Što sam stariji, sve sam manji altruista, a sve veći mizantrop!

(Srpski) Baksuz

(Srpski) Biti baksuz: imate četiri (preostala) zuba u glavi, i jedan od njih vas boli!


Procrastination is not gonna get you more time or to get you out of doing things that you have to do – to the opposite, it’s going to rob you of time that you could’ve used to do something else.

(Srpski) Establišment


I was complimented the other day: you’re too cool to be a programmer! Thanks, I guess?


Not all ideas that cross my mind are good – some are brilliant!

Forever young

Оnly those who never grow up can say that they had a life worth living.

(Srpski) Poverenje