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Who needs real friends, when we have Facebook ones?!


Most common type of Internet these days:  neighbor’s.


If you have more friends on Facebook that in real life – turn off your computer and go outside!

Not a friend of mine

If a description of your personality includes too many words that end with “ist” – not including professions –  then you’re not a friend of mine.


Those who know me, understand me. Those who understand me, like me. Those who don’t understand me, should get to know me better. Those who don’t know me, don’t like me. Those who don’t like me, don’t understand me. What a confusion!

Sincere apology

If I were to apologize to all the people that I’d hurt in the past, even inadvertently, that would consume all the time till the end of my life. Fortunately, I have no intention to do such thing.


Man and women could become friends only after sex, never before. Before sex they are acquaintances.


Most of the people that I’d like to be friends with are dead. One day, this will be entirely true.


I a time of crisis you learn that you don’t have any friends.


A friend of mine described current economic crisis like this: – Still working hard, just not getting paid.