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English is Esperanto of modern age, since everybody is speaking it, more or less successfully. Simplicity of English also contributes to its popularity. Frenchies are kicking themselves now for being sooo special.


J.S. Bach wanted, as a kind, to become a military officer, A. Einstein a pilot, M. Lermontov – A. Pushkin, etc., and none of them become what they wanted. How disappointing their lives must have been!


US is the most boring country in the World. All that Americans are talking about is “business” and “how to make money”, and most popular word is “SALE!!!”. Once I was eavesdropping on two philosophy students: they were talking about how to make money in philosophy! What a blasphemy!


Most of the modern sports are conceived in England. Soullessness should be replaced by something.


Talking, moslty bad, about a person that’s not present currently, is gossiping.

Ex-yu “gastarbeiters”…

Ex-yu “gastarbeiters” within Wester Europe are so well adjusted. If you don’t believe me, ask yourself: Who killed Anna Lind?