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Selflessness as a prerequisite of love.


My ex called me today, only to say that my mere existence is messing her life up, despite that we haven’t heard from each other in months, and live far away from each other. Does that mean that I should kill myself, in order to make her happy?

I hate dentists!

M. Houellebecq says in “Whatever”: “In general I hate dentists; I take them to be exceedingly venal creatures whole only goal in life is to wrench out the most teenth possible and buy themselves a Mercedes with a sun-roof.”


To be desperate for days, weeks, months, years, decades. To be desperate to the limits of endurance, at the same time not committing, or even contemplating, suicide, it’s the bravest thing in the World.


She was so big of a control freak, she was suffocating me. Since she left, fresh air is constantly making me dizzy.

Special effects

She was so beautiful, in that golden summer eve. Special effects are always welcome.


Unreserved love for someone/something is always the sure sign of inferiority complex, since it’s seeking to immerse ourselves into something other than ourselves.


She’s was cheating on me whenever she could. Although I was cheating on hear, as well, I was trying to present myself as martyr. There’s something seductive about that.

The road

The road from love to hate is short: the road from hate to love never ends.