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Bad handwriting

As a student, I was keeping notes very diligently, especially in philosophy and psychology classes. The problem was that I couldn’t read them later, since a have a very bad handwriting. It took me a long time to stop taking them.


When I was younger, I was writing poetry (like all other sensitive souls on this planet). Needless to say, I wasn’t much as a poet. But, that wasn’t the reason I stopped writing poetry: the real reason is that I’ve realized that I wasn’t going to intentionally limit the room for my thoughts, by putting […]


When I was kid, my biggest literary influence were comic books (those cheap ones: Marvel, super heroes, etc). I think that I even learned to read by reading those. And they say that comics are trivial!

Wrong premise

As teenager and student, countless times I was surrounded by women that were admiring my spirit, intelligence, eloquence, etc. Later I understood that the only thing they wanted is to sleep with me.

Old news

When I was kid, I’ve enjoyed reading old newspapers: in our house there was always a bunch of those, so I’d take several piles of them, hide somewhere in the corner, and read. I remember that my biggest fascination from those days was when reading ads: how something can be new, when the newspaper’s date […]

Better to be drunk…

The song says: “Better to be drunk, than old”. Whatever then could be said about old drunkard: is he a positive zero?