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Every dictatorship thinks of itself as democracy. The greater dictatorship, it tries harder to present itself as democracy.


As a species, we humans had a great chance to build a better society, better World. Instead, we live in capitalism.


Politicians (bankers, etc) exist because decent people don’t want to do it.

(Srpski) Idealizam

(Srpski) Fascism

I you wanna learn what fascism looks like, watch Miss US.

(Srpski) Elephant in the room

In capitalism, it seems that nobody notices the elephant in the room: that the people are disregarded, and the society is built around fulfilling selfish individual interests. Instead, we were dealing with consequences.


Not seeing forest from the trees – the best definition of life in capitalism.


A truly happy social life is possible on in ideologies. Take USSR, USA, China, 3rd Reich, Ancient Rome as examples. Man needs certainty, in any form or shape.


National states should disappear, like any other atavism.


I was watching a political panel on TV today: Briton and American are attacking NATO, while Polish is defending it! What a nonsense!