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(Srpski) Internet

Thanks to Internet, it never was simpler – and more useless – to learn something….


I’ve noticed that most genuine Facebook users use it as an Internet filter of some kind. Someone shoud explain to them that Internet has more to offer than FB, and that is not necessary to access all of its contents through FB.


Social networks give to us just a semblance of living in society.


Facebook as synonym for loneliness.


Like TV, radio, and other, older, media, Intenet also became e device of mass deception.

(Srpski) Fejs

Editors wanted

Considering all the platforms for self’-publishing these days (social networks, blogs, forums, etc), it seems that most people don’t have much to add to the conversation. Internet is in dire need for editors.


Who needs real friends, when we have Facebook ones?!


Facebook as an replacement for Internet, love, friends, private life, everything…