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How come?

I’ve read in news that “for basic necessities in Serbia in nex year  people would need one and a half of monthly earnings”. How come?


Americans learn about certain country via media, after they go and bomb the shit out of it. Balkanians, however, are fist eliminated from World Cup by certain country, then they go and learn more about it (even about its footballers).

Composite nations

So-called “composite nations” e.g. Nations where majority of population consists of immigrants (US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), either aren’t nations at all, or are nations “par excellence”. Clarification: residents of these countries don’t belong to same ethnic groups, races, religions, etc., but, when Chinese says that he/she is an American, it sounds more convincing then […]

Wooden houses

A friend of mine, tells me this story: “The day we came to US, it was night and dark, so we didn’t see much. The next, morning, when we woke up, I wandered to the balcony of our friends house, and, looking around me for a while, start calling my wife. When she came, I […]


Prospective for Serbia: (It’s) better (to be) Western Russia than Easter Europe!!