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US is a country in which even most outrageous ideas are possible, but dignified life is not.


USA – The last occupying force in the World.


What I’m sad about is that when America catches a cold, the developing world catches pneumonia. – Rick Steves


All we can do to preserve our dignity in capitalism is to refuse to play the game and become a merchandise.


US become a tyranny:  how else to explain its foreign policy?!


Can I borrow NATO for a moment? My neighbors are annoying me, I want them out!

D Day

D Day, the day when Americans liberated (i.e. occupied) Europe.

The Eye of Mordor

… US media, TV especially. If it sees you, you’re done!!


Taking into account the percentage of marriges between celebrities, it seems that they don’t know what reality is.


Animals are not as persistent as humans, to their demise. It could be said that they are “cool”, unlike humans. Among humans, Americans are most persistent.