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What if life – and, by extension, humans – is only an attempt of the Universe to become self-aware?

Way out

If you’re on top, the only way out is – down (realized that getting down from a top floor of a building).


If everything gets automated, what would humans do?


If anything is possible, nothing matters.


If a musician can’t stand up for one hr, maybe it’s time to think about career change.


If there’s reincarnation: can I get a break before my next life? This one was sooo tiresome…


What if we (humans, life in general) just a temporary infection in some other (incognizable to us) system? And what if that infection is just about to be eradicated? What are our options?

Order of things

If robots were perfected before industrial revolution, we wouldn’t have overpopulation now.


House, MD: If you want to be special, you’ll have to be alone.


The only way you can find 40-somethings sexy is if you are over 70.