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Western Splendor

Eastern European countries were lured in by the “splendor” of the West, having to pay for it by the loss of natural resources, people, sovereignty, territory … They did not realize that the “splendor” is deceptive and that it is designed just for that purpose.


Technically, death always comes on time, ie. when the body is no longer able to function on its own.


There is sooo many of us, and everyone wants to be unique.


Having ideas is easy: making something out of them if the hard part.


A multitude of anything is destroying individuality.


Burying one’s head into sand doesn’t help. At the end we all have to face the music.

Catch 22

The curse of proletarians: when I have time, I have no money, and vice versa, and so on, and so forth.


Hemorrhoids and tonsils … There are some similarities here.


As we get older, we have less and less original ideas. Experience destroys originality.


Every experience has an intrinsic value… unless it’s deadly.