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Forever young

I still feel as twelve years old: same dilemmas, same questions, still without answers. Just a lot more trash in my head.

Pigs & Pearls

All people are born as pearls, but most turn into pigs later on.


It’s for young to be opinionated. Older folks should know better.


In socialism, we were brought up for lofty goals: all that capitalism offers are banalities and trivia.


Banality is going to kill us all… by repetition.


Old too soon, wise to late – Mike Tyson


The price of living in capitalism is giving up on idea of personal dignity and accepting the fact that those with more money are always in right, and you are just a disposable hired labor. Accept this simple fact and you”ll be happy. How simple!


You can’t win if you don’t play the game. But it’s rigged.


Comets as cosmic spermatozoids.


The best way to dispel pretenders is to remind them that there are responsibilities, as well, not just perks.