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National states should disappear, like any other atavism.


Today’s youth don’t waste their time on TV: they do it on Internet.

Bird’s view

It’s easy to shit on others from above (birds are doing that, too). It’s hard to change things.


Unfortunately, the World cannot be changed by wishful thinking.


You need to have money first, in order to be charitable. If you are still up to it.


Stars are dying, too, not just people.


According to some authors (Georgevitch), ancient Romans “The Romans … were very bellicose people. Their leader ordered all the holders of the fort up to forty years of age to be active fighters, from forty to fifty to be guards of the fort, and after fifty to be killed, because they have no military value. […]


USA – The last occupying force in the World.


Each weekend I plan to go to gym, go swimming, play tennis… only to be disappointed when I do none of it.


Each of these aphorisms should be read carefully and then slowly digested.