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As we grow older (and running out of answers and time), religion looks better and better. It doesn’t offer answers, but it does offer consolation.


What if we (humans, life in general) just a temporary infection in some other (incognizable to us) system? And what if that infection is just about to be eradicated? What are our options?

Order of things

If robots were perfected before industrial revolution, we wouldn’t have overpopulation now.


From some lame-ass movie: “People need someone to love. If you can’t give them that, give them something to hope for. If that’s not possible, either, give them something to – do”. This is the essence of civilization.

(Srpski) Tamni vilajet


Life’s deadly.


Despite rationality, we still hope.


Generous can only be those who posses something.


Life should be understood as a lottery game – with unhappy ending.

How come?

I’ve read in news that “for basic necessities in Serbia in nex year  people would need one and a half of monthly earnings”. How come?