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As far as I can tell, this id my one and only life.

Being human

Man is a man only in relation with other men. By himself, (he) is nothing.


Economy is a vehicle for creating a profit for chosen.

Workers Party

The most populous party in the World would be Workers’ Party, if everybody who works for living would join. Unfortunately, the others, who don’t work for living, are constantly obstructing its organization.


Worker’s nightmare is to lose his job.  Employer’s nightmare is to lose his employees. And so on…

Human nature

It’s surprising that socialism failed, it had all the pre-requirements to succeed: workers in charge, manufacturing without profit (they could sell for less and be very competitive), etc. It’s seems that the problem is in human nature.


Like TV, radio, and other, older, media, Intenet also became e device of mass deception.

(Srpski) Fejs


Man is a strange animal: regardless how shitty his past is, he always hopes that his future – somehow – will be better.


Every life is undercut.