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I’d rather live in dictatorship, if everything is provided (education, social security…), than in democracy, where, regardless of the effort, nothing is guaranteed.. (Nikola, 03/24/2011, 16:22) Comment on news item on site


How someone can be a web project manager, without even knowing on what platform said project runs?!

Road to nowhere

All my life I was behaving by the rules, they way it was expected of me and, where all that brought me? Nowhere…

It will be better

Better tomorrow is coming… anyday now!


There would be a lot more suicides, if only people weren’t damn cowards.

XX century

XX century as big defeat of human hopes.


Ovih dana postoji forma prostitucije za svakoga – Tomas M. Diš, Kamp koncentracije


Life as a viral infection, a stage in planet’s development: our future is Mars – dead and barren.


In cooperation everybody wins, while in competition most lose.


Instead of concentrating on cooperation, on how to make life better for all of us, most of our efforts are towards cheating each other out of money. What a pity…