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We should not fear death: so many died already, and nobody complained!


How to earn woman’s respect? F**k her!


12/28/2010. Doesn’t it sound like a date from sci-fi novel?


Animals are not as persistent as humans, to their demise. It could be said that they are “cool”, unlike humans. Among humans, Americans are most persistent.

Make room

If there’s no room for spiritual things, life’s not worth living. Make room.

Our turn

At first we had to listen to elders, and now already to youngsters, as well: whatever happened with our turn?


Web is a living proof of humans’ vanity. Everybody is publishing, everybody wants to be a center of attention. Censorship should be reinstated.


Life’s a point between extinguished hopes and nascent desperation.


After 35, life becomes meaningless. Time to turn autopilot on.


I can do whatever I set my mind to: the problem is, there are too many things to do, and not enough time.