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Ideal society is possible, but – without humans.

Alien Residents – Rakija & Coke (2005)


Alien Residents – Sam (2004, Demo)


(Srpski) In Memoriam: Momo Kapor “Pohvala novinarima”

Dating concept

Instead of one full-time, one should have several, part-time, relationships. It works best as weekly schedule.


Americans learn about certain country via media, after they go and bomb the shit out of it. Balkanians, however, are fist eliminated from World Cup by certain country, then they go and learn more about it (even about its footballers).


One can’t acquire wisdom through education.


I’m yet to meet an immigrant that doesn’t complain about his/her “new” country and doesn’t think that the “old” country was, in many respects, better. Yet, they are staying.