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(Srpski) Nagrađen najneobičniji naslov

(Srpski) Kraj .yu domena

(Srpski) Prepoznati pedofila po kucanju


There are things that we do daily, periodically, yearly, once in lifetime, and – never.


In my next life I’d like to be born in a better world.


Please don’t judge me by my words, but rather by my deeds.

Right of way

Why are all prone to thinking that they – and only they – always have the right of way?

All right

Everything was all right with him, till he started mingling among people again!

Sweet revenge

Can’t wait for life to crush him, for all the insults that he have done to me, so I can gloat.


He insulted me to the core, and we just met. I wonder if he would do the same, if he knew me any better? And to whom is this important, other than to my vanity?