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Church destroyed Faith.


Counting all those who badmouth and spit all over it, without any consequences, Serbia is the most democratic country in the World!


There’s no movement without time. Without time, there’s no movie, just still pictures. So, if we could stop the time, we’d live forever?


Some people are benevolent, but they are not good. To be good is not just not doing anything sinister, but – doing good.


If you are a poet, you’d leave your poems behind; if you’re painter, you’d leave your paintings, musician – songs, etc. But, if you are a programmer, you’d leave absolutely nothing…


… and so many died of natural death while waiting for the End of the World!


A simple ure for depression: Cheer up!!


It is only natural that sounds are more offensive to us than pictures: we can always close our eyes, or turn our head off, but – our ears are always open.


People drink/do drugs because they don’t have a courage/will power necessary to face life. Everything else is a lie.

Bol 2

Pain could be understood if you experience it, feel it. This goes for everything else.