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Truthful option

The truthful is the option that suits you the best. Don’t let them convince you otherwise.


The truth is mostly subjective and relative category, depending upon our mental and physical state in them moment of its conception.


To see things through means to be disciplined.


Emptiness of human life is in opposite correlation to its material richness.


Mocking is always closer to the truth than idealization. I don’t understand why people take offense when you mock them? You’re doing them a favor, revealing the truth about themselves that they probably didn’t want to hear.


I went recently to take the oath for US citizenship: however, when I saw my future fellow citizens, I almost took a flight.

Vivid dreams

Having vivid dreams is a sing of intensive psychological life, or of mental disorder.


Insisting on special privileges for ruling classes is the essence of capitalism.


Implications are introvert applications.


To have a mission in life, but not being sure what exactly it is, is the paramount curse. Fortunately, most people don’t have any mission in their lives.