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Man is just a toy, wound-up at birth, without a possibility to be wind-up again.


Woman is a measure of a man: if it doesn’t fit, look for another one.


Don’t offer your help hastily: somebody may take you up on it.


I have a dog, a turtle, and a canary. As far as friends go – enough.


According to wide-adopted belief, only humans can talk. To this day I’m not certain what was in God’s mind when he granted it to humans.


The most efficient way to screw-up your date is to start talking about why stars aren’t visible during the day.

Wrong premise

As teenager and student, countless times I was surrounded by women that were admiring my spirit, intelligence, eloquence, etc. Later I understood that the only thing they wanted is to sleep with me.


Despite all my experience and knowledge, accumulated during years of hard work and research, I have to admit that women are on top of the list of things that I don’t fully comprehend.


Formal religion was never a strong suite for me: I attribute that to my communist-socialist upbringing, and also to the fact that there aren’t any valid, scientific proofs of anything that religion is talking about. However, I’ve always believed that human possibilities are limited, that progress is happening in limited sphere: there are things that […]

Human soul

Religious definition of human soul was always a frustrating one for me: can’t wait for intelligent machines, to demystify it.