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Composite nations

So-called “composite nations” e.g. Nations where majority of population consists of immigrants (US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada), either aren’t nations at all, or are nations “par excellence”. Clarification: residents of these countries don’t belong to same ethnic groups, races, religions, etc., but, when Chinese says that he/she is an American, it sounds more convincing then […]


“Everything is rubbish (products are of low quality) in America” – tells me a friend, in form of an advice, trying to convince me not to emigrate to US. Since he never visited US before, I didn’t take him seriously, then. Now I understand him perfectly, but it’s too late.

Cheap things

In US there is something for everybody (and every pocketbook). But, the difference between cheap and expensive things is not only quantitative, but qualitative, as well, since cheap things – as a rule – don’t work!

How to get rich in America?

A friend of mine, before I came to US, tells me this: “I would go to US only to get rich!”. Since none of us been there before, I understood this as ignorance. Later, when in US for several years, I realized that she was right: but, I didn’t get rich (yet!). Don’t know what […]

The Worst

Another acquittance of mine, who came to US before me, said this, giving me advice: “Man, it is the worst when you start to forget your native language, and haven’t learned English yet”. Did I mention that he was in US only for a year or so at that time?


Another friend of mine has this theory: it would be great if humans’ life goes in reversal. First, your are retired for 20 years or so, don’t do much, enjoy life. Then, the next 40 years you’re working, but not to hard, since you’re not concerned about retirement. After that, next 20 years, you go […]

Wooden houses

A friend of mine, tells me this story: “The day we came to US, it was night and dark, so we didn’t see much. The next, morning, when we woke up, I wandered to the balcony of our friends house, and, looking around me for a while, start calling my wife. When she came, I […]

How come?

How come that Americans never catch the main character they are chasing in their wars. It seems that the main evil character is always used to convince public at home that the war is necessary, only to be forgotten, once he/she serves that purpose. It amazing how this scenario always works!


American politicians would never be successful in Europe: they are too stupid, unsophisticated, and arrogant for that. On the other hand, European politicians also don’t have a chance in US: they have scrupules.

In average

In average, Americans are one of the most disciplined nations: this fact is not surprising, since the disciplining took the longest, and was most intensive, as well.